Wilderness safety

Get to know the basics

Everyone should know some basic “rules” when hiking in the grat outdoors Gather knowledge where you plan to be and be prepared! Whether you’re a rock climber, hiker, backpacker or serious mountaineer certain supplies will almost always become a necessity, especially in critical situations. Even less critical situations require attention and can only be addressed if proper planning and preparations have been made. Whether you are on a day hike or a week long trip, there are supplies that are absolutely essential to your safety.

The Top 10 Essentials


Sunglasses and sunscreen

Headlamp (flashlight)

First aid kit


Extra clothes

Extra food

Extra Water

Fire starter

Compass (GPS)

Some Additional

Insect repellent (or clothing designed for this purpose)

Plastic tarp and rope for expedient field shelter

Repair kit, including duct tape and basic sewing materials

Signaling devices (whistle, cell phone, two-way radio, satellite phone, unbreakable signal mirror or flare)

Portable water purification and water bottles