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 2022 Montrose SAR Activity

JANUARY:   The team had 9 operations this month.  Notable call outs included:

  • Rescue of two sledders who lost control and went off Mt. Disappointment Road. Air Rescue 5 was able to locate the two victims who were uninjured.
  • Rescue of a Mountain Biker near Switzer’s Falls who experienced a 60-foot fall. Victim was transported to the hospital by helicopter.
  • Team called to Sierra Madre to assist in a search for a lost hiker on Winter Creek Trail. Fire Copter 19 located the hiker who was uninjured.
  • Rescue of two victims in a Vehicle over the side at Angeles Crest Highway, one victim was transported by helicopter to the hospital.
  • Joint operation with LA City Fire department at Riverwood Ranch responding to a Vehicle over the side.
  • Rescue of a victim from Vehicle over the side on Big Tujunga Canyon Road, with victim transported to hospital by helicopter.

FEBRUARY: The team had 17 ops this month.   Notable call outs included:

  • A victim and his two dogs fell nearly 200 feet down the face of a cliff off Big Tujunga Road. The man and one dog were rescued the first day; team returned the following day to locate and rescue the 2nd
  • Team was called to assist San Dimas SAR for a search for two victims suffering exposure. Fire Copter 19 was able to hoist visits to safety once they were located.
  • Three missing hikers last seen at Switzer’s Falls. They were located uninjured and were hoisted by LA Copter 21.
  • Family of 5 hiked to Josephine Peak and became cliffed out. Once located, Fire Copter 21 was able to land on one skid and brought all to safety.
  • Team night time joint operation with LA Co Fire department, Air Rescue 5 and Angeles Forestry Service on Angeles Crest Highway for a car over the side.  The victim was trapped in the vehicle and was extricated following a 10 hour effort by all.
  • Rescue of a victim from a fall off Angeles Forest Highway.
  • Search for an elderly victim who was reported missing for 48 hours. He was located out of the area in good condition.
  • Winch truck operation for car 60 feet over the side off Angeles Forest Highway. Victim uninjured.
  • Search in the San Gabriel peak area for a missing woman and daughter who reportedly fell from trail. Victims were located and in good condition.

MARCH:    The team had 5 ops this month.  Notable call outs included:

  • Seven of our team members night searched the Arroyo for 2 missing hikers. They were located and were hiked out safely before morning.
  • Assisted San Dimas SAR with a vehicle collision with multiple patients who were airlifted by Air Rescue 5 to the hospital.
  • Team rescued a victim who fell from the Big Tujunga bridge, taken by air rescue to hospital.
  • Montrose was successful in passing the annual MRA reaccreditation test, held this year in Joshua Tree in the discipline of Technical Rock Rescue.

APRIL:  9 operations.   Notable were the following:

  • Three searches, including one for an autistic youth at Crescenta Valley Park and located by our own members, with the assistance of additional resources including Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team.
  • Rescue of a missing mountain biker at Mt. Lukens, located and uninjured.

MAY:    4 calls this month:

  • All were rescues, notably a 12-year-old distressed hiker in Cooper Canyon, located and hoisted out of the canyon by Air Rescue 5.

JUNE:   9 operation this month.  Notable were as follows:

  • Three Switzer falls operations, one including a Cliffhanger, another victim falling over the falls. Both airlifted by County Fire to hospital.
  • Four car overs, including the rescue of 4 victims whose car went over the side 300 feet on ACH.
  • Assisted County Fire with Rescue of a dehydrated hiker at Gould Mesa.

JULY:   10 operations this month.  Of note:

  • Three car overs and one vehicle roll-over in which team was called to locate a partially severed finger, found and returned to owner.
  • Personal Locator Beacon activated by mountain biker in Alder Creek, located and uninjured.
  • Four rescues, two heat-related  victims and another person at Switzer Falls with cardiac complaints who was hoisted by County Fire and flown to hospital.